“Go… Send…or Disobey.”

– John Piper

One of our core values as a church is to become a people who join Jesus in His mission. We seek to practically live this out through PRAYING, GIVING, and GOING.

  • Praying… Whether it’s in weekly worship gatherings, our small groups, or other settings where corporate prayer is practiced, we seek to make interceding for the work of the Lord around the world a priority. We have established contact with individual missionary families and share their prayer needs with the KBC Family for more directed prayer.
  • Giving… From our church budget 19% of our general offerings are given to local, national, and world mission organizations through the Southern Baptist Convention. We also take up three special offerings (one each for Northwest, North American, and World mission efforts) throughout the course of the calendar year that are above and beyond our regular giving as a church body.
  • Going… Through local missions activities, trips around the Northwest, and international partnerships in South America and East Asia we desire to be a missional people by actually going to share the truth and love of Christ with those who still need to know and treasure the Name of Christ.